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Why Join? -Bob Leak, CEcD

Why Join SEDC?

One reason is to connect with the best! Whether that connection is access to the most knowledgeable network of professionals in the country, site location consultants, educational sessions or online resources-SEDC delivers. These reasons are further expanded through our following new tag line…CONNECT- DEVELOP- GROW.

CONNECT- Having the right connections is a crucial part of developing business opportunities for your community and it’s one of the three focal benefits of the Southern Economic Development Council. From its beginnings in 1946 – when our “charter” leaders met for the first time – to today – when being connected also means being LinkedIn and having Facebook friends – SEDC has always helped southern leaders stay connected through networking opportunities. Members tell us that it’s opportunities from SEDC to connect with peers that help them advance their careers while moving their communities forward. The South unquestionably has the best economic development programs in the country and as a result the best professionals. So, join SEDC and CONNECT with the best.

DEVELOP- Developing your career through education lays the foundation for creating business opportunities for your community and it’s the second of three focal benefits of the Southern Economic Development Council. SEDC has a history of providing dynamic education programs, member updates, education sessions and a robust content library. In fact, members (and non-members alike) tell us they looking for two things from SEDC – education and networking. SEDC’s educational offerings help members adapt to change and learn new techniques to face today’s challenges – from the effects of the economy on local business environments to the matching of education levels to available projects. Add to this internal cost-cutting pressures being felt by members’ local ED agencies and it’s clear that – more than ever before – working smarter through up-to-the-minute and relevant education is mandatory to ensure a thriving business environment. So, join SEDC today and DEVELOP your skills for your professional advancement.

GROW- When your professional career is growing, chances are the number of landed projects in your community is growing. Providing members the opportunity to grow their careers is the third of three focal benefits of the Southern Economic Development Council. Being in the middle of what has traditionally been the fastest-growing region in the United States for the past several decades, SEDC members know first-hand how important it is today – in an ever-challenging economy – to connect with others in the region, develop relationships and skills, and grow and improve the economic state of their home bases. So, join SEDC today and GROW your career and as a result your community will GROW!
Annual Membership with SEDC is $225.

Chairman's Note

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors I want to thank you for your commitment to SEDC. The leadership of your organization is committed to focus on providing value added content and platforms to ensure you are gaining the greatest return on your investment both professional and financially.  Our Brand Line for SEDC is Connect, Develop, Grow and we are confident thru our program of work and our major events that you will gain tremendous opportunity to build your professional brand. Please join us this year for our three key events which are Meet the Consultants in Dallas in April, our Annual Meeting in Memphis in August and our Young Professionals Meet the Consultants event in Atlanta in October. We are confident that by attending these event you will meet  your peers, professional contacts, consultants and learn about real time issues to make you stronger in your professional role. Your personal involvement is paramount - the more you are involved the more you will gain, therefore I respectfully request you to challenge yourself to support your organization by personally committing time to one or more committees and even our board. All of these opportunities are great career development experiences.   We are blessed to have a great full-time staff with Gene, Laura and Rhonda and they are available on a daily basis to address any questions or concerns about your membership.  We have accumulated great momentum in membership growth, our activities, and our leadership and we look forward to continuing that momentum in 2014.

Hal Johnson, SCCED
2014 SEDC Chairman


Annual Conference

Our local conference committee headed up by Mike Mullis and Mark Herbison are busy planning for a top notch conference this year in Memphis. Register today for only $425 for SEDC members and join us in August 3-5, 2014 at the Peabody Memphis. More information can be found on the event web site.

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Mission Statement

"SEDC will provide useful information and dynamic leadership to economic development practitioners throughout the American South."


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